Carsker, Inc. Sale-light System

This light system is used as a high-level indication of the basic condition of the car, but the buyer is responsible for reviewing the seller condition assessments, pictures, disclosures, and other information provided by the seller to accurately determine the condition of the vehicle before making a purchase decision. Buyers will not be permitted to arbitrate a vehicle solely based on the light indicator used with any given vehicle.

  • Green LightThe green light signals that this vehicle is guaranteed under the conditions outlined in the Arbitration Guidelines section. Please note that the use of a green light indicator does not mean that the vehicle is without any defects or issues. If a defect or other issue is not disclosed to the buyer, the buyer may request arbitration to seek reparations related to such defect or issue pursuant to this policy.
  • Yellow LightA yellow light indicates that the vehicle has a defect outlined in the arbitration policy. The defect will be disclosed as part of the disclosures made to the buyer in the condition assessment, pictures, or other disclosure available through the Carsker,Inc. platform.
  • Red LightA red light indicates that the vehicle is being sold AS-IS and may only be arbitrated for undisclosed salvage title, branded title, or TMU (True Mileage Unknown). Title may be arbitrated on a red-light vehicle only if it has non-transferable or branded title, or if it has undisclosed repossession papers.

Carsker, Inc. will consider arbitration in the following circumstances only:
Acceptable claims within 10 days of sale: The date of purchase counts as day 1 for the purpose of calculating this time frame.

  • Undisclosed mechanical or cosmetic singular repair that exceeds $800 (wholesale pricing) on Green Light vehicles
    • (Examples include: cosmetic damage, missing catalytic converters, or major defects in: transmission, engine, transfer case, differential, convertible top,)
  • Undisclosed flood damage (as defined by NAAA guidelines)
  • Logo/decal discrepancies
  • Undisclosed structural damage (as defined by NAAA guidelines)
  • Undisclosed missing and/or currently deployed airbags
  • Undisclosed voided manufacturer warranties, manufacturer buy backs, previous municipal/government vehicles, taxis/ limousines, rental vehicles, fleet vehicles, police vehicles, driver’s
  • Undisclosed odometer discrepancies/broken odometers.
  • Undisclosed absence of air conditioning system (current model year only)

Seller fails to deliver title to Carsker,Inc. within 7 calendar days

Undisclosed taxes or fees: Undisclosed taxes or fees due for the vehicle that are greater than $100 (must be arbitrated within 30 days of the sale).

Unannounced title brands: Unannounced title brands must be reported to Carsker, Inc. within seven (7) days of receipt of title

Not subject to Arbitration:

  • Any sales under $3,000 are considered “AS IS” and cannot be arbitrated for any mechanical or physical defect, odometers, and frame damage (arbitration only considered for undisclosed salvage title, current/prior structural damage or TMU (True Mileage Unknown). Title may be arbitrated on a red-light vehicle only if it has non-transferable, branded title, or undisclosed repo papers.)
  • Dash warning lights of any kind
  • Battery failure on hybrid and/or electric vehicles
  • Windshield and all other glass
  • Upholstery, headliner, mats, and trims
  • Electrical accessories
  • Replaced, straightened, or refinished sheet metal.
  • Constant velocity joint
  • Wearable items, regardless of repair cost. Items includes, but are not limited to: tires, wipers, brake pads, shoes, rotors, belts, lines & hoses, seals & gaskets (except head gaskets with an active dripping leak), lubricants/fluids, spark plugs & wires, ignition coils, timing belts, bulbs, filters, shocks & struts, suspension, exhaust and standard transmission clutches.
  • The vehicle has 300 or more miles than the odometer reading listed in the auction at time of sale.
  • Vehicles may not be arbitrated solely on Electronic Vehicle History Data (EVHD).
  • Any installed Plow, 5th wheel hitches or towing packages.
  • Mileage for vehicles that are 10 years or older and/or deemed exempt from odometer and title disclosure laws. Buyer may arbitrate mileage discrepancies for these vehicles where the seller disclosure of mileage differs from the actual odometer reading.

Revised 05/2021

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