Can I use any shipping company?2022-05-10T13:10:28-05:00

Dealers are welcome to use any shipping company that you prefer. A BOL will be available as soon as payment is received.

Does Carsker coordinate transportation for vehicles?2023-06-13T15:32:58-05:00

Carsker does not set up transportation; however, we have partnered with Ship Your Car Now to make the process easy for our dealers.

Where can I find Carsker’s arbitration policy?2022-05-10T13:01:29-05:00

Visit our Arbitration Policy page to learn more.

What happens if the vehicle I bought does not match the listing?2022-05-10T12:59:59-05:00

Unfortunately, people make mistakes. In such cases, Carsker has a 10-day arbitration policy in which if the car has a non-disclosed arbitrable condition it can be electronically submitted for arbitration consideration. Carsker has made it a simple process in the rare instance the buyer needs to return a vehicle. Carsker strives to provide a platform that is transparent and accountable, and deceptive business practices will not be tolerated on the site.

What happens if there are no bids on my listing?2022-05-10T12:55:49-05:00

If there are no bids on the vehicle when the auction ends, the vehicle will be put back into the seller’s “My Inventory” tab. The seller can reevaluate their floor and easily relist the vehicle as desired.

What’s the benefit of a MNR auction?2022-05-10T12:55:00-05:00

Sellers benefit from less time negotiating, giving you more time to focus on daily business. Buyers benefit from increased bidder confidence knowing the high bid will buy the car. There is no more “ifs,” and no more wasting time researching vehicles that will not meet your parameters.

How does a Modified No Reserve (MNR) auction work?2022-05-10T12:54:27-05:00

The seller sets a starting bid price; any bid at or above this price guarantees the buyer a sold unit. If an initial bid has not been placed, buyers can make an offer up to $1,500 below the floor price. If the seller accepts that offer, the vehicle will be sold, ending the auction.

Where can I find Carsker’s title policy?2022-05-10T13:02:09-05:00

Visit our Title Policy page to learn more.

Why is Carsker a “title present” auction?2022-05-10T12:58:54-05:00

Carsker’s goal is to remove as many pain points for dealers as possible. Having the title present removes the buyer’s uncertainty of when they will be able to make their car available to customers.

What does “title present” mean?2022-05-10T12:58:38-05:00

Seller agrees that the selling dealership has the title for the vehicle in its possession at the time of the listing and is able to send the title to Carsker, Inc. promptly upon completion of the sale.

When does the seller get paid?2022-05-10T12:52:11-05:00

Payment will be sent to the seller the same day Carsker receives and verifies the title.

What types of payment does Carsker accept?2022-05-10T12:51:44-05:00

For your convenience and increased efficiency, we accept multiple forms of electronic payment, including eChecks (processed through ACH). We also work with most Floorplan companies.

Why does Carsker not use a traditional “CR score”?2022-05-10T12:51:11-05:00

While CR scores have been the industry standard for the past 10+ years, they can be over processed, confusing, inconsistent, biased and costly. The SCA will bring transparency and accountability back to the industry.

What are the differences between SCAs and Condition Reports from other auction companies?2022-05-10T12:50:42-05:00

Carsker believes dealers know their inventory better than anyone. Therefore, when the selling dealership completes the SCA, it will result in true accountability while creating new opportunities for dealers. Dealers can start to expand their wholesale business using the SCA to truly represent their inventory and become a trusted source for other buyers.

Who completes the SCA?2022-05-10T12:50:14-05:00

The SCA is completed by the selling dealership. The seller will disclose all cosmetic and mechanical conditions, and all noted conditions will be listed on the buying page for complete transparency.

What is a seller’s condition assessment (SCA)?2022-05-13T12:43:24-05:00

This is the best way to capture and convey vehicle conditions. Visit our SCA page to learn more.

What day(s) does an auction run?2022-05-10T12:48:57-05:00

Carsker operates 24/7/365. Each seller is able to set an individual listing run time for a period of 3, 7, 10 or 14 days. All registered dealers can bid 24 hours a day during the listing time frame.

Is the $250 buy fee the only fee associated with buying?2024-04-01T14:15:37-05:00

When you purchase a vehicle, a $250 buy fee is added to the final bid price, and that is it.

Is there a “No Sale” fee for unsuccessful listings?2022-05-10T12:47:59-05:00

Carsker does not charge a “no-sale” fee.

Besides the $250 sell fee, what other processing fees are charged?2024-04-01T14:28:02-05:00

When a vehicle is sold through Carsker, there is a $250 sell fee – period. This fee will be deducted from the final selling price.

What is the fee to list a vehicle?2022-05-10T12:43:25-05:00

There is NO fee to list a vehicle.

How long before I can start buying or selling on Carsker?2022-05-10T12:43:03-05:00

After you have submitted the required information, Carsker will verify and approve your registration typically within 24 hours.

How do I add buyers or office staff to my account?2022-05-10T12:42:36-05:00

Go to “My Account” (top left of your screen) and click on “My Dealership.” Navigate to “Manage Users” near the bottom and enter their information. Carsker will send them an email allowing them to set up their own password.

What states does Carsker cover?2022-05-10T12:41:44-05:00

Carsker is available in the lower contiguous 48 states.

Who can register?2022-05-10T12:41:19-05:00

Carsker is a dealer-only auction. You must have current dealer license to register.

What documents are needed for registration?2022-05-10T12:40:42-05:00

Valid copies of your driver’s license, dealer license and state resale certificate are required.

Is there a fee to use Carsker?2022-05-10T12:40:20-05:00

Carsker’s auction platform is free to join and charges NO subscription fees or annual dues.

How do I register to buy/sell with Carsker?2022-05-10T12:36:47-05:00

Spend just three minutes to create a profile through our simple registration process.

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