Seller Condition Assessment (SCA): The best way to capture and convey conditions

Founded by car buyers with more than 40 years of industry experience, Carsker understands the long-overdue need for true condition reporting.  Our seller condition assessment (SCA) gives power and accountability back to you, ensuring true transparency in the auction process.

The SCA eliminates concerns dealers have with traditional condition reports (CRs), including:

  • Not always being accurate or logical
  • Inconsistency, vagueness and a lack of clarity. Seriously, what’s the monetary difference between a 3.2 and 3.7 CR?
  • Lacking accountability
  • The perception that they provide special treatment for large dealerships
  • That they are fee based.

Plus, you don’t have to wait days or even weeks for the third party to show up and complete the report.

Your aged inventory has already gone through a comprehensive inspection by you and/or your team; we believe there’s no need to pay a third party to tell you what you already know. Even trade-ins that you planned to wholesale have received a detailed inspection, so you had a good idea what you were buying.

Either way, NO ONE KNOWS YOUR INVENTORY BETTER THAN YOU. Therefore, trusting and paying a third party to evaluate the vehicle does not make much sense — especially in today’s tight margin environment.

Completing an SCA from your computer or mobile device is quick and easy. Accurately and thoroughly describe and/or illustrate any condition(s) directly affecting the vehicle’s value, and eliminate the need to clog up the page with PDRs and buffable scratches.

  1. Evaluate the car (i.e., walk for conditions).
  2. Check the quick and easy dropdown boxes to list all vehicle features and any conditions.
  3. Add photos illustrating the vehicle’s features and any issues/damage impacting its value. You have the ability to load up to 30 photos.

For a preview of how it works, watch the video below.