Capitalize on online auctions that put you, the dealer, in the driver’s seat.

Discover a smarter and faster way to manage your inventory

You know your business better than anyone. That’s why Carsker has developed a true nationwide dealer-to-dealer auction platform that delivers complete flexibility and speed to market, putting you, the professional, in control of your wholesale needs. With no fee to sign up, no fee to list and no subscription fee, the time is now to experience the Carsker difference for yourself.

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    Rather than taking on the risk associated with buying inventory that may or may not have a title present, be assured by our title guarantees.
    Tired of wondering whether you’re in the game or not when bidding? Our no-reserve bidding means the opening bid is the floor — with no exception.
    Enjoy the benefit of a $250 sell fee and $250 buy fee every time. Our process and overhead do not increase based on the car’s sales price, and neither should yours!

Benefit from more reliable condition reporting

For years wholesale auctions have been plagued with condition reports that simply aren’t accurate. Don’t leave the quality of your sales or purchase to untrained professionals with no skin in the game. Our process creates true transparency through:

  • Condition reports from the professionals who know the vehicle best — the seller
  • The elimination of long waiting periods, unreliable third-party inspectors and uncertain outcomes
  • A level playing field for independents and rural dealerships
  • Unmatched cost and time savings that delivers a bottom-line difference, especially on aged inventory

Partnerships & Integrations

As an independent dealer in rural Kansas, Carsker Auto Auctions is perfect for me.  Wholesale solutions are very limited, unless I travel a couple hundred miles or wait days or weeks for an auction rep to come to my dealership.  Carsker leveled the playing field by giving me the same access big dealers get, plus the flexibility to buy and sell on my schedule.  Their flat fees are very important for a small dealer like us.

Jerry C., Auto Solutions

We heard about Carsker Auto Auctions from a dealer down the street from us here in Connecticut.  I signed up and was approved the same day.  The next day I listed an aging unit in 15 minutes and a few days later we received a winning bid from a dealer in Kansas.  By far the most time and cost-efficient wholesale auction we’ve every used.  Plus my inventory was seen by dealers throughout the country.

Brenda L.

Carsker Auto Auctions is my go-to because it was built by actual car guys that get it. They know what is important to a dealer and built it into their platform and processes. I can list my inventory in minutes from my desk, phone, or tablet and no more waiting for an inspector to come out. Plus, I like that Carsker gives me the ability to keep a unit on my retail lot at the same time the auction is live.

Bryan H., Oakes Auto